• Collet Holders Chucks portapinze

    Collet Holders Chuck

    The collet holders chucks we produce are entirely made from a block of steel galvanized, tempered and adjusted to ensure maximum duration, precision and balancing.
    Depending on their type they can be installed on numerical control CNC chuck, sliding head lathe…Enter

  • Single-chuck Collets

    Collets for Single Chuck Machines

    The collets for single chuck machines are mainly used on CNC chuck, sliding head lathe, etc…: they can be of the "impact" type with a simple or double cone, multidiameter type, sectors typesor traction type. In addition to the round hole types, hexagonal…

  • Multi-chuck Collets

    Collets for Multi chuck Machines

    We can equip (with bar holding collets, bar pusher collets, pickup collets, bar guiding bushings / bar guiding rings) your multi chuck machines thanks to our warehouse, fully equipped of Gildemeister machines, Schutte…

  • Static Bases

    Static Bases

    Pneumatic/hydraulic activated static base drills, milling machines, work centers, etc. The following may be mounted: BA type simple cone (DIN 6343), BE traction type (however, the collets do not move; like the BA-), etc…

  • Flanges


    All of the "F.lli Bellegrandi" flanges are built of galvanized, tempered and adjust steel: they can be direct, interposed, augmented, decreased, with Cono-Morse connection, Cam-Lock etc. We produce flanges based on the customer's designs.

  • Push Rods

    Push Rods

    Rotating compensation push rods with round standard or VDI connection.

  • Examples of Applications

    Examples of Applications

    In these pictures we can see some application examples of MSCTN collet holder and MSCTNR collet holder usually installed on control CNC lathe.

  • Specials


    Since it began in 1946, in addition to the production of "standard" applications, the company has always emphasized the construction of closing equipment and systems based on the customer's designs, for which we guarantee the fastest manufacturing times.

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    In this page you can find a short review on other products realized: pneumatic chucks with transmission via pulley, pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, manual locking chucks etc...