Company Introduction

The company began in Brescia in 1946 as "Bellegrandi Fausto", becoming "F.lli Bellegrandi" in 1950 as an outsource manufacturer of mechanical parts.

Included in the company, although as apprentices, due to their young age, Mr. Cottini and Mr. Rovizzi, and in 1965 they became the owners of the company, then named "Bellegrandi F.lli snc di Cottini and Rovizzi."

The youth of the owners, their technological knowledge in the field accumulated over years of work, and their enterprising spirit soon led the firm to increasingly expand its manufacturing and sales market, not only penetrating the Italian region, but conquering the foreign market as well.
Over the course of the years, the primary market of the company was manufacturing of collets-holding chucks (servo powered, pneumatic, and hydraulic) for CNC numeric controlled lathes and machine tooling, in the production of collets for mono-chuck machines (such as Traub, Index, Schaublin etc. ) and multi-chuck machines (such as Schutte, Gildemeister, Wickman, Index, Tornos, etc.)Schutte, Gildemeister, Wickman, Index, Tornos, etc.) hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, and special equipment made to the specifications of the purchaser.

These flourishing activities based on the availability of greater and more technologically-advanced knowledge and means of production made the original site inadequate, so that in 1985 the company moved to the p.i.p. Area of Molinetto di Mazzano to meet the new requirements for business expansion.

Today the company employs about twenty people along with external artisans who collaborate in the manufacturing process. The future development of the company is based on continual technological updates, the certainty of the validity of the product, love for the work itself, reliability, and also a good dose of entrepreneurism, all representing the drive and the image of the firm.